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As a truly independent tyre wholesaler with more than 2,000 registered tyre retailers and dealers nationally, Freedom Tyres values its relationships with businesses that choose to partner with us. As such, Freedom only sells products to tyre retailers and mechanical workshops to support and help grow our customer’s business and the quality brands we represent.

By choosing to purchase tyres from Freedom, you’ll be the recipient of a range of benefits:


Same or Next Day delivery with pick up available for metro customers


A massive range of tyres at competitive pricing


Extremely knowledgeable customer service staff


A large choice of tyre products across the price spectrum to meet all your tyre needs

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 We offer cash-on-delivery (COD) accounts and 30 day trading accounts for approved customers. If you choose a COD account, we can usually have your account set up and tyres sent to you on the same day you call us!

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Freedom Frequent Tyres

Freedom Tyres Pty Ltd is excited to offer our exclusive tyre purchasing rebate program, “Freedom Frequent Tyres Program”. This program is designed to reward the sales growth of our valued customers and to provide pricing support across the full range of Freedom’s quality products.

At Freedom Tyres we understand that monthly tyre sales and business growth aren’t always consistent, especially given variable customer and seasonal demand throughout the year. So, we’ve developed the “Freedom Frequent Tyres Program” to enable you to take advantage of incentives that vary with these fluctuations. The program allows you to purchase every Freedom Tyres product (across all segments PLT, TBR & OTR) at any Freedom Tyres branch within a given calendar month and have those purchases cumulate and improve your eligibility for a larger monthly dollar rebate.

The “Freedom Frequent Tyres Program” offers an increasing level of financial incentive to customers who purchase larger volumes of Freedom Tyres’ products. The larger the purchased volume of Freedom Tyres products the greater the corresponding rebate achieved.

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B2b Web Ordering

Freedom offers an online B2B web ordering account for customers that prefer to view our range and place orders outside of business hours. Similarly Freedom uses Costar and can offer Costar to Costar web ordering for customers using the Costar inventory and sales management software